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"I can weld anything, but the crack of dawn and a broken heart." - Welding proverb.

Ok first of all, sorry for that crude welding quote. I don't have the pleasure of listening to crap like that all day, but if I worked as an apprentice, I'm sure I would be treated to all sorts of similar sayings.

"How was your day? Mine was good, but it needed a bit more seat pan."

So this whole daily post challenge thing has come to an end. I basically said to myself I would write a daily post for a month, and I've somewhat accomplished that. Rather than worry too much, I'm now going to keep posting as often as I can. I'm going to aim for 3 to 4 times a week, which I think is possibly even better than every day.

On this week's edition of Hermit Thursdays I was very productive.

I still didn't talk to anyone (practically) for the whole day, but instead worked in the garage from 4 until 11 on some seat pan details.

Here's my new addition to the Motobrix tool family, a small drill press:

small drill press

First I made a little weird hut thing to cover the tank mount:

seat pan tack welds

seat pan tack welds

seat pan cover

Then I made a lot of dust shaving down the seat pan to fit more within the center of the frame tubes:

seat pan dust

seat pan

The seat conforms nicely to the shape of the frame

After, I struggled to position the seat pan right, and failed multiple times to tack weld a tab to the front. This tab allows me to slide the front of the seat pan into the existing slot in the frame. It then allows me to secure the whole seat with two bolts at the rear.

seat pan tab

Tab for securing the seat

When I was finally able to properly weld the tab to the pan, I then went ahead and drilled two holes in a 1/8" bar and through the pan. Thank you new little drill press! I taped it in place so I wouldn't lose track of the location. I then placed the seat pan with the bar taped properly and tack welded the bar from underneath. I also gave myself a good flash as I forgot to turn my helmet back to welding mode from grind mode. Whoops! I'm not feeling any signs of arc eye today so it couldn't have been too bad. It did leave some nasty weld spots on the underside of the bar though from me being confused as I was getting flashed.

tack welded bar

Tack welded in place

bar welded seat

Fully welded

Arc eye for those unfamiliar with welding hazards is a condition caused by exposure to UV radiation. Like a sunburn for your eye. You apparently don't feel much until a few hours later when your eye will start to burn badly. Luckily even arc eye is a temporary condition, usually only lasting about 24 hours. Suffice it to say I have to be more careful, as usual.

I then fully welded the bar to the frame.

At that point I was extremely hungry, and was feeling a bit woozy from working non-stop for too long, so I grabbed some groceries from the ol' 24 hour grocery and went home to my apartment building where the power was out. The weird thing is there was still about 1/3 power to the building, so the lights turned on very dimly, at which point I thought I had definitely fucked my eyes up from welding in grind mode. But no, the power was just mostly out.

Catch me next Hermit Thursday when I'll be doing something intense while having zero human interaction throughout the day!

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