Of Minds and Motorcycles

How did it get so late so soon? It's night before it's afternoon. December is here before it's June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon? - Dr. Seuss


Oh hi there. My name is Brian and apparently I have a blog. It's about motorcycles sometimes. I'm supposed to write in it occasionally.

Time has been flying by and I haven't felt like writing at all. Until now. But I've been up to a lot. Mostly just building one motorcycle, but to me that's a lot.

I think I'll sum things up by just showing a lot of pictures. Then I need to go to sleep.

Where we left off:

Oh yes, I had taken everything apart, and had finished all the fabrication I wanted to do for a while.

Then I got my frame back with all the parts powder coated

powder coating

Then I took off the stator cover of the engine and broke a bolt off inside the casing. I got pretty upset about it and stopped wanting to write in my blog.

Stator cover

Then I realized old gaskets from 70s bikes had asbestos in them! Gotta love that asbestos, mmmmm... I hear it's good to breathe in the stuff.

Then I cut my fender down to a smaller cool-guy size:

Then I used some really nasty chemicals to remove paint from my gas tank:

gas tank paint removal

Then I went insane and bought another motorcycle. Something to use while I work on this bike:

honda shadow

Then I did something extremely risky, and welded pin holes in my gas tank shut. Risky because a gas tank can explode and kill you if you don't prep it properly for welding. Don't tell my mom, except that she'll read this eventually. It's not that dangerous... I'm exaggerating of course. Right mom?

gas tank weld

Then I put a big ass engine in a frame, the ol' fashioned way.

engine in frame

Then I rebuilt the forks. ALthough this is actually pretty cool and I should probably make a full article about this eventually.

rebuild forks

I used a condom to install the new fork seals. Works perfectly to protect them from damage during install.

Then I cleaned a discontinued wheel bearing. You can't buy 'em anymore. So I cleaned it.

wheel bearing

Then I installed the rear wheel and shaft drive with grease. Special grease for shaft drives called Honda Moly 60.

rear wheel

Then I put a motorcycle together on wheels to impress all my friends:

And well, that pretty well takes us to today. I've done some more tedious work as well, and have worried a lot about whether or not things would work, but that's boring.

Stay tuned for more updates where I'll actually explain things to you properly.

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